UMECS: The Center for Peace, Education and Development (formerly UMECS-Uganda)¸ a Republic of Uganda Registered Non-Governmental Organisation is partnered with United Movement  to End Child Soldiering, a U.S. 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organisation based in Washington, DC to fulfill a mutually shared mission.

UMECS: The Center for Peace, Education and Development is guided by these founding principles:

    1. The pandemic of wars in Africa and globally should no longer be accepted as inevitable. Wars can – and must – be prevented.
    2. The educational and psychosocial needs of children and youth affected by war and poverty must be addressed through long term commitment to education that includes school-based guidance, life skills, psychosocial counseling and peace education.
    3. In 21st century Africa, all children and youth (not just some) must be fully educated, at least through secondary school and preferably through completion of tertiary/higher education programmes that lead to viable jobs, sustainable jobs creation, community-minded careers and sustainable livelihood. In this way, including through education reform, education links with community development, personal and family economic security and social transformation.

In 2004, we anchored in the war zones of Northern Uganda.

In 2005, we established the Northern Uganda Education Programme, now in Year 9.

In 2006, UMECS: The Center for Peace, Education and Development incorporated and registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation with the Republic of Uganda National Board for Non-Governmental Organisations.

In 2007, we piloted school-based Guidance & Counseling in Northern Uganda.

In 2009/2010, we launched Peace Education and Guidance & Counseling in Secondary Schools in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports, now in Year 4.

In 2011, World Vision International selected us as a Finalist in its Peacebuilding Prize, recognizing us for “outstanding achievements in the field of peacebuilding.”

We establish, implement, scale and sustain cross-cutting peacebuilding, education and community development programmes and projects that meet the mandates of our founding principles and fulfill our mission.