UMECS, through our Northern Uganda Education Programme (NUEP) and Peace Education and Guidance & Counseling in Secondary Schools Programme (PEGC) is highly acclaimed by community and school leaders, local and central government and global luminaries and institutions. Read What Others Say About UMECS

What Others Say About UMECS

“UMECS is an organization which is not only of significance in supporting the Ministry to achieve some of its broad goals, but also highly regarded by the institutions and schools they support for their transparent and collaborative mode of operation…UMECS walks the extra mile every day.”
– George Wirefred Opiro, Commissioner, the Department of Guidance & Counseling. Ministry of Education and Sports

“UMECS plays a vital role in ending the orgy of war and violence.”
– 1985 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Bernard Lown, co-Founder. International Physicians to Prevent Nuclear War

“It was a pleasure to work with UMECS staff in the preparation of the teacher training modules…in launching Peace Education and Guidance and Counseling in Secondary Schools in Northern Uganda…This cutting edge program has had well documented trailblazing results and we stand ready to continue to work with UMECS and the Ministry of Education and Sports as the program advances year by year.”
– George L. Openjuru, Ph.D. Dean, School of Distance and Lifelong Learning, Makerere University

“UMECS is one of our outstanding partners, sponsoring many students at our school and selecting us to help pilot Peace Education and Guidance and Counseling in Secondary Schools in Northern Uganda which they coordinate and resource in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and Sports.”
– Lacere Churchill Olanya, Head Teacher. Sir Samuel Baker School, Gulu

“UMECS is a longstanding partner and has been sponsoring students at our institute since 2008. What we like about UMECS is their sponsorship model and their long term commitment to their sponsored students. UMECS leadership and field staff are community-minded and mature and exemplify the highest standards as role models for their students, as partners with education institutions and in service to community and society.”
– Odiya Walter, Principal. Kiryandongo Technical Institute, Kiryandongo

“What distinguishes UMECS program from other sponsorship models are UMECS supports their students from secondary school through diploma and degree programs. This model benefits not only the students, their families and communities but will also help advance district development.”
– Owor Odol Chrissy, Resident District Commissioner, Gulu

“Our decision to select UMECS among a stiff competition of candidates has been fully validated by their groundbreaking implementation of the (PEGC) program and strict compliance with USAID activity and financial reporting requirements. The program has changed the lives of thousands of students traumatized by the recently ended conflict in Northern Uganda and is building an environment of peace and non-violence. We are moved and encouraged by the depth and speed of the results.”
– Jessica Huber, Director, Peace and Justice Programs, SPRING/USAID-Uganda

“World Vision International is pleased to acknowledge UMECS as a Finalist for 2011 Peacebuilding Prize ‘in recognition of your outstanding achievements in the field of peacebuilding.’ ”
– Kevin J. Jenkins, President and CEO. World Vision International
– Matthew J. O. Scott, Director, Peacebuilding. World Vision International

“UMECS sponsors students through its Northern Uganda Education Progamme, and its usual method is to sponsor cohorts of students from communities so there is peer mentorship and community accountability. UMECS sponsorship is comprehensive, covering school fees and school requirements. Students are expected to work hard and UMECS takes them all the way through diploma and degree progammes…..We need more NGO’s like UMECS who are committed to the education and success of children and youth in our district and society.”
– Olanya Alphonse, Headteacher, St. Joseph’s College, Layibi, Gulu

“UMECS is a highly committed and credible NGO which benefits children, youth, families, schools and communities in Gulu district in significant ways.”
-Abdallah Musobya Kiganda, Chief Administrative Officer-Gulu

”UMECS is a visionary organization committed to building lasting peace and has an outstanding track record of designing, implementing, managing and sustaining unique projects and programmes which benefit post-conflict communities.”
– Tony Karbo, Ph.D., Senior Programme Officer/Associate Professor, University for Peace Africa Programme, Addis Ababa, Ethiopa

“We are especially proud of our role as a secondary school partner in UMECS Peace Education and Guidance and Counseling Program in Secondary Schools in Northern Uganda. This is a needed program in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports. Our teachers were certificate-level trained as peace educators and guidance counselors in 2009 and the program rolled out at our school and six others last year. We are now continuing this program which UMECS continues to coordinate.”
– Sr. Susan Clara Ndeezo, Head Teacher. Sacred Heart Secondary School, Gulu

“UMECS is the pioneer of Peace Education and Guidance & Counseling in Secondary Schools in Northern Uganda in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports, a program that is having broad positive impact.”
– Okeny Robert, Program Coordinator. Gulu Support the Children Organization (GUSCO)

“UMECS is one of our exceptional partners, selecting us as a pilot partner in this pioneering program, Peace Education and Guidance and Counseling in secondary schools in Northern Uganda….as the program evolved through the terms, we saw great changes in our students that we did not expect so quickly. First, bullying eradicated and cases of indiscipline greatly decreased. Students we had never seen in our school library started showing up. We witnessed an increased culture of reading and with it, improved academic performance.”
– Otim Walter Knox, Head Teacher. Pabo Secondary School, Amuru District

“The students UMECS sponsor are affected by conflict and are vulnerable. Without UMECS intervention and long term support, it is unlikely they would become sufficiently educated and prepared to make a difference with their families and communities. ”
– Obita Walter Francis, Headmaster. Pope John Paul II College, Gulu

“UMECS is an organization upon which we can rely. They are committed to our full needs as a school. UMECS leadership and commitment to our students, staff, school and community is highly valued. A key point about UMECS staff is that they are conflict-affected and highly committed to mitigate conflict and prevent new conflicts. Likewise, they are skilled in determining the causes and consequences of conflict, and the solutions to mitigate and prevent conflict. This program (PEGC) needs to be brought to other sub-regions in Uganda, especially throughout Greater Northern Uganda, where conflict must be mitigated and prevented. UMECS is uniquely qualified to lead this effort.”
– Obonyo Patrick, Head Teacher. Lira Palwo Senior Secondary School, Pader District

“What is impressive about UMECS is that they are willing to sponsor students who come from vulnerable households and backgrounds such as these twelve students from Katakwi, a district that has been long plagued by conflict. To help ensure their success, UMECS provides mentorship, family and school visits in addition to paying all school fees, school requirements and related costs.”
– Osako Joseph Francis, Deputy Head Teacher. St. Mary’s Girls Secondary School – Madera, Soroti