NUEP is unique because it not only transforms war-affected children, it helps to develop their districts and communities. Here’s how

NUEP is community development oriented: A major goal of NUEP is for its students through their careers and community-mindedness to contribute to district and community development. Community mindedness is fostered through mentorship, personal development, counseling, life skills, shared vision and staff role modeling.

NUEP’s career guidance component presents a wide range of career options: As a result, NUEP graduates are serving their communities in diverse careers as primary and early childhood teachers, builders, agriculturalists and entrepreneurs. Students currently in higher education are majoring in accounting, secondary education, software engineering, economics, public administration, and civil engineering. All plan to work in their home districts to contribute to community development.

NUEP fosters jobs creation: Many NUEP students are in technical education programmes including the building trades and civil engineering and become jobs creators.

Our community development approach helps to stem the tide of urban drift and contributes to rural transformation.

Our community development approach helps to end the brain drain by fostering community-mindedness, jobs creation, altruism and a diversity of careers so that our graduates contribute to the development of their communities and districts instead of seeking jobs outside of Uganda.

We contribute to the development of secondary schools: We have made significant contributions of text and library books to our partner secondary schools. We also partner with secondary schools in our Peace Education and Guidance & Counseling Programme in Secondary Schools (PEGC) which has personally developed thousands of students and created serious-minded nonviolent school environments. Read more about PEGC

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