NUEP transitions former child soldiers and other children and youth affected by war to mature, educated, community-minded change agents. Here’s how

  • Full Financial Support: Payment of all school fees, tuitions, boarding, hostel and dormitory fees and meals, scholastic materials, personal supplies, transport.
  • Long-term commitment: 9-11 years, secondary school through higher education graduation.
  • Community development approach: Community-mindedness instilled through role modeling and sensitization. Broad approach to community-development career choices.
  • Enrolls in cohorts: Most NUEP students are enrolled in cohorts for support and team building.
  • Professional, culturally connected programme staff: UMECS programme staff members are trained and experienced educators and counselors who hail from war-affected communities.
  • Role Models: UMECS programme staff are educated, achieved and exceptional role models.
  • Mentorship: All NUEP students are mentored on a regular basis including team mentorship.
  • Life Skills: Teaching life skills is critical to personal development. Problem solving, self-discipline, decision making, relationship and peer mentorship skills are taught and instilled.
  • Counseling: Our staff counselors provide ongoing psychosocial counseling as needed.
  • Career Guidance: Career guidance starts early and includes 21st century career options.
  • Setting High Expectations: Students are encouraged to reach their potential and our staff set high expectations. Our staff know what our students are capable of and set the bar high.
  • Student Assessments: Students not performing to their potential are assessed by staff. Learning issues, problem solving, counseling and career guidance are integrated into the process.
  • Secondary school combined with higher education: Secondary school education is not enough.  21st century Ugandan youth must have some level of higher education – certificate, diploma or degree.
  • Connect education with career and service: Education responsibly combines career choices that serve community and society and speak to the strengths and interests of a student.
  • Accountability: Mutual accountability is central to the success of NUEP. Students are accountable to their families, communities, their schools and to UMECS. Likewise, UMECS is accountable to our students, their families, our partner schools and the communities we serve.

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