UMECS Journal of Peace Education and Guidance & Counseling

The latest edition of our Journal which features articles on how we built our programme from the grassroots with school leadership and ministry partnership,  as well as articles detailing our curriculum, our systemic model and our groundbreaking success.  Included are student inspirations of peace, in verse.

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Peacebuilding Articles

Read our archive of Peacebuilding Articles. Subjects include peace education and guidance and counseling, restorative justice, secondary school programming, trauma healing, group healing, grassroots peacebuilding, teacher training, peer mediation and peer counseling, conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution.  This is our forum to discuss our lessons learned from the ground in Uganda and East Africa–what works and why.

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Transformational Power of Education Articles

Read our archive of Education Articles.  Since 2004, we have administered high impact educational programming in Uganda.  Over the last decade, we have learned what it takes to deliver the type of transformational  programming that truly develops youth and their communities.  This is our forum to discuss our lessons learned and offer our comprehensive vision for an educational reform that broadens opportunities for all.

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