Regis Chireshe, Ed.D.

Regis_Chireshe_ImgIn their forthcoming book, Developing, Implementing and Evaluating Guidance and Counseling Programmes in Zimbabwe Secondary Schools, co-authored with John Mapfumo, Professor Regis Chireshe demonstrates his role as one of the foremost experts on the planning, implementation and impact of guidance and counseling programmes in secondary schools in African school systems. His many other areas of expertise developed through decades of research, teaching, publications and clinical experience include disability and special needs education, counseling techniques, evaluations of early childhood education programmes, guidance and counseling programmes and special needs programmes, guidance and counseling needs assessments, HIV/AIDS counseling, ethics in counseling, career guidance, inclusion in education, educational psychology, positive psychology, and teacher development.

A full professor of educational psychology and special needs education in the College of Education, Department of Psychology of Education at the University of South Africa, Dr. Chireshe, a registered educational psychologist, has taught in multiple educational psychology realms and serves in key positions in higher education institutions throughout Southern and East Africa. These include serving as an external examiner at Makerere University and Kyambogo University in Uganda, at Kenyatta University in Kenya and University of the Western Cape and University of Fort Hare in South Africa. He has also served as an external assessor for promotion to associate professor in a number of African Universities.

Professor Chireshe is widely published in significant professional journals. Representative publications include Career Guidance and Counseling Provisions at a Southern Africa University: Career advisors’ reflections. The Anthropologist, 14(4), 305-310, (2012); Research supervision: Postgraduate students’ experiences in South Africa. Journal of Social Sciences, 31(2), 229-243 (2012); Teaching Practice generated stressors and coping mechanics among student teachers in Zimbabwe (with Mapfumo. J.S. & Chitsiko, N.), South African Journal of Education, 32(2), 155-166 (2012); and Lived Experiences of Informal Settlers in Urban Districts in Zimbabwe (with Chirese E, Nyanga T., and Mapfumo, J.S.), Journal of Psychology in Africa, 21(2), 299-300, (2011); His additional publications include books, book chapters and training materials.

In addition to teaching, conducting research and evaluations and supervising doctoral and masters level graduate student dissertations and research projects, Professor Chireshe is regularly called upon to serve as a participant and presenter in numerous workshops, seminars, and symposia. He serves on numerous editorial boards of accredited journals and as a consultant in a wide range of NGO and public sector assignments.

For more information, please see Regis Chireshe’s curriculum vitae

Tony Karbo, Ph.D.

Tony_Karbo_ImgProfessor Tony Karbo, longtime Senior Programme Officer of UPEACE Africa Programme, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is the Director of Uganda-based UPEACE Africa Programme Karamoja Cluster Project, designed to bring together multiple stakeholders and constituencies in Kenya and Uganda in community peacebuilding through sports and theatre exercises.

Dr. Karbo has over 17 years of experience in training and workshop facilitation on peacebuilding, conflict transformation, conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation in more than twenty African countries, and several countries in Eastern Europe and the Caucuses. He has fifteen years of experience working with parliamentarians, senior civil servants, civil society organisations and non-governmental organisations and more than ten years of experience in security, governance, development and peacebuilding assessment and research in Africa. Dr. Karbo has extensive experience working with different international systems in the management, training, research and capacity building sectors, combined with an impressive track record of engaging multiple stakeholders in peacebuilding and conflict resolution in conflict and post-conflict societies. He has extensive experience, moreover, in human, material and financial resource management in public and private sector organisations.

Dr. Karbo’s program management skills are in the areas of programme and project design in Africa and Eastern Europe; fieldwork in conducting peacebuilding and programme implementation; research in security, governance and development in Africa; partnership building within multiple stakeholders; staff supervision and leadership of project teams; strategic planning; facilitation of dialogue processes; curriculum development; programme and project monitoring and evaluations; programme and project management; and human resources management.

Dr. Karbo’s Teaching and Training are in the realms of peacebuilding; conflict resolution; training of youth leaders, parliamentarians and senior civil servants, UN staff, and local government agencies from various countries in Africa; curriculum development at the graduate level in Peace and Conflict Studies; Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding; Gender and Peacebuilding; Environmental Security and Peacebuilding; and Peace, Conflict and Development in Africa; Teaching and Training on Nonviolent Conflict Transformation; Training of political and civil society leaders in the development of democratic values; facilitation of political and reconciliation dialogues; facilitation of problem solving workshops; MA and PhD student supervision; strategic planning and process facilitation; workshop facilitation on Conflict Management and Conflict Transformation; Human Rights and Transitional Justice.

For more information, please see Tony Karbo’s Curriculum Vitae

John Mapfumo

John Mapfumo is one of the pioneers in secondary-school based Guidance and Counseling Programmes in Africa.

John_Mapfumo_ImgAs a highly published, widely admired Registered Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe, John Mapfumo lectures in Education Psychology, Guidance and Counseling, Methods of Teaching Business Subjects, Methods of Teaching Geography, Methods of Teaching History, Theories of Psychology, and Psychology of Religion. He also supervises students on teaching practice and supervises student research projects.

His life’s work began as a teacher. From 1972 – 1981, Mapfumo served as a classroom teacher at Saint Philip’s High School in Sipolilo; at Mount Saint Mary’s Secondary School in Hwedza and at Mabvuku High School in Harare. From 1981 – 1987, he served as Headmaster for three years each, first at Chamakumbu Secondary School and then at Chiumdu Secondary School.

As a trained educator and psychologist, Mapfumo was convinced that guidance and counseling needed to be part of the secondary school system throughout Zimbabwe and saw a clear need for guidance and counseling amongst the students he taught and at schools he led. He became an advocate for secondary-school based Guidance and Counseling.

The Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture agreed. In 1987, John Mapfumo was appointed Education Office in Guidance and Counseling in Schools, a pioneering position he held until 1994. His task: Institutionalise and monitor Guidance and Counselling Programmes in all secondary schools in Zimbabwe. In this seven year position, Mapfumo and his team designed Zimbabwe’s secondary school guidance and counseling programme, wrote manuals and training materials, designed curricula and monitored the implementation of the programme. In short, John Mapfumo is the education psychologist who led the development and implementation of guidance and counseling programmes in secondary schools in Zimbabwe.

John Mapfumo’s published books include Career Guidance for Job Seekers (with Chireshe, R.), Mambo Press (2006); Counseling in Education, Zimbabwe Open University (2001); and Learning to Learn at a Distance. Harare Center for Distance Education (1995). His forthcoming book, Developing, Implementing and Evaluating Guidance and Counseling Programmes in Zimbabwe Secondary Schools, is co-authored with Professor Regis Chireshe.

Selected published articles include Student’s Perceptions of an Effective Teacher at Three Secondary Schools in Mutare Urban (with Chipangure, L and Makoni R.), Zimbabwe Social Science Review, 1,2, 6-34 (2010); and Community Psychology in Zimbabwe: Past, present and future (with Kasavira, J.. Chireshe, R., Mudhovozi P. and Gwandure C.), Journal of Psychology in Africa, (2), 197-202 (2006)

For more information, please see John Mapfumo’s Curriculum Vitae