• To develop a body of knowledge and practice of the results, impact and outcomes when conflict-affected youth become primary actors in conflict transformation
  • To develop knowledge and practice in multiple conflict scenarios by investigating the comparison between personally developed youth serving as peace actors with those who are not personally developed
  • To investigate the effects of long term resourcing and capacity building of women’s and youth peace groups on conflict transformation in areas of conflict
  • To investigate the effect of combining Guidance (Life Skills) and Counseling with Peace Education in secondary school based programmes
  • To determine which elements and combination of elements of school and community-based programming empower and prepare conflict-affected youth to become lifelong peacebuilding practitioners and agents of conflict transformation
  • To determine which school-based Life Skills are relevant in 21st century Africa to help prepare youth for success in a) tertiary/higher education and b) the world of work
  • To determine the relationship between girls’ secondary education and reduction of HIV/AIDS
  • To determine what curriculum changes, if any, should be made in secondary education in Uganda and throughout sub-Saharan Africa to advance the relationship between secondary education and job readiness, successful entrepreneurship and sustainable livelihood

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